Renewable Energy Hub: Real climate action starts at home

Can we can keep the 1.5 degrees climate target alive? What do you think the 2030 focus should be? Change is only going to happen if we collaboratively take action. And every single step counts.

Over the last few weeks with Mike Maka, I’ve been working on developing this climate mural to remind us that we need real results and a sharper climate focus.

Renewable Energy Hub‘s recent survey shows 30% of our respondents have lost hope in our country for achieving Net Zero by 2050. Our leaders need to have more confidence in what Australians can achieve.

That’s why I’m inviting Matthew CanavanAngus Taylor MP and Zali Steggall OAM MP to come over for a cup of tea and sort it out, cause let’s be honest, we all know that 50% by 2030 is just the beginning.

I’d like you to join me in sharing what you have done, your thoughts, and ideas.
Chris Halliwell, Co-Founder and Head of Markets, Renewable Energy Hub

Hear more from Chris Halliwell at the CMI Summit. He is a panellist in Plenary 3, To 2030 & Beyond: Scaling Regional Carbon Markets.

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