Climate Active: Change happens when we all act

Australians all have a role to play in protecting our unique and fragile environment.

In Australia, we’re deeply proud of the land we call home. Acting now and acting together will help secure a better future. The biggest and best change happens when we all play our part.

As voluntary action to reduce emissions continues to grow globally and in Australia, businesses are looking for straightforward and reputable ways to gain recognition for their actions to address climate change.

Climate Active

Climate Active is a government backed initiative. The brand unites the community, businesses and Government to amplify our positive impact. It supports and guides businesses as they account for and reduce carbon emissions. It’s about making good decisions today, for a bright and more sustainable tomorrow.

Climate Active certifies businesses that have credibly reached a state of carbon neutrality by measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions.

Certification is available for business operations, products and services, buildings, events and precincts.

Climate Active has helped Australian businesses offset more than 27 million tonnes of carbon emissions. As at the end of November 2021, Climate Active has more than 400 carbon neutral certifications across 280 businesses.

Collective action – the Climate Active Network

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of Climate Active is the member-based partnership network, connecting ambitious climate leaders and helping shift the domestic landscape as Australia and the world transition to a low-carbon economy.

Climate Active network members are part of a diverse group of progressive organisations committed to taking climate action. Our members range from big corporates like energy providers, airlines, telcos and banks, down to smaller businesses such as family owned wineries, hotels and restaurants.

As the Climate Active member network expands, so do the connections between Climate Active certified members, including recognition of each other’s carbon neutrality in their supply chains and scope three emissions.

Did you know that emissions in the supply chain are often significantly higher than those of a company’s own operational footprint? By choosing carbon neutral certified suppliers you can dramatically reduce the emissions of your business.

atiyah streetfood at Melbourne’s Federation Square is the only takeaway restaurant in Australia offering its customers a carbon neutral menu. atiyah is demonstrating the power of climate collaboration by aligning with other Climate Active certified companies as part of its supply chain. atiyah bank with Bank Australia, a Climate Active carbon neutral organisation; they use carbon neutral Climate Active certified packaging products from BioPak; and they source beef from Five Founders, Australia’s first carbon neutral certified beef product.

Leveraging low-or-no emissions opportunities in their supply chain reduces atiyah’s overall carbon footprint and minimises residual emissions they would otherwise need to offset to reach net zero. It’s win-win for all.

A mark you can trust

The Climate Active certified trade mark confirms that organisations have undertaken a rigorous journey to carbon neutrality. It is a legitimate and visible stamp of approval. Our carbon neutral certification is one of the most robust in the world. It is a mature and effective model to help businesses and incentivise emission reductions. The stamp helps the community take action by making it easier to identify and choose brands that are making a real difference.

A thorough process

Organisations are guided through a process to measure, reduce and offset their emissions. Climate Active educates, guides and promotes the efforts of businesses as they reduce their carbon footprint. Our members have told us that the ‘measurement’ aspect of certification has helped them realise clear opportunities for understanding and reducing emissions, and in the process deliver clear and direct economic benefits.

A simple decision

The success of this program is in the hands of consumers. It comes down to everyday simple decisions to select brands with the certification. It’s easy for us all to do our bit for the environment. Climate Active certification sends a clear signal – not only to consumers but to your employees and stakeholders too – that your business is serious about addressing climate change and is committed to sustainability, innovation, and industry leadership.

Importantly it provides an edge over competitors and taps into an increasing number of consumers driving the market for sustainable and ethical products and services. Sustainable product options are outperforming the competition and, for many sectors, a trusted certification scheme is a key to unlocking consumer demand.

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Join us!

Come along to our masterclass panel on Friday afternoon at this year’s CMI Emissions Reduction Summit as we take a look at how to develop, certify and take a carbon neutral product to market. Climate Active will be joined by James Robson from Ross Hill Wines and Ben Armstrong from atiyah street food.

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